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Child Testing in Frisco

Testing Children for Passive Exposure to Illegal Drugs

Children harmed by passive exposure to illegal drugs and toxic substances used in drug production can suffer from a variety of physical, psychological and emotional impairments. Passive exposure testing offers an unbiased evaluation of a child’s environments and can help guide court decisions regarding child abuse and child welfare issues.

What Do Positive Passive Exposure Results Mean?

Positive results in passive exposure testing can identify a child’s:

  • Passive exposure to smoke from drugs
  • Actual contact with smoke from drugs
  • Contact with a drug user’s sweat or sebum (skin oil)
  • Contact with physical drug substances
  • Ingestion of illegal drugs — accidental or intentional

Passive testing can identify these drugs:

  • Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
  • Cannabinoids (THC/Marijuana)
  • Cocaine (Crack and Cocaine HCI)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

Full-Service Testing Geared Toward Family Safety

Children deserve a safe environment to live, play and grow in. An important aspect of that safety is receiving care and supervision from parents and guardians who are unimpaired by drugs or alcohol.
When child custody hearings involve verifying a parent or guardian’s drug or alcohol use, ARCpoint Labs of Frisco works with the judicial system to help families, lawyers and judges determine the safest environment for the child.
ARCpoint Labs of Frisco offers a variety of drug and alcohol testing options, all of which provide results that are accurate, reliable and confidential. We take into consideration the time frame to test and how quickly results are needed to recommend the best testing options.

Relationship Testing

DNA testing at ARCpoint Labs of Frisco covers family members, prenatal, and identical/fraternal twin identification. If you have DNA-related questions, schedule a no cost, no obligation consultation with a DNA specialist who will answer all of your questions and be able to assist you further.

Make ARCpoint Labs of Frisco your partner in ensuring all-around safe environments for children.

Whether we test for environmental toxins, drugs and alcohol or DNA, ARCpoint Labs of Frisco follows consistent protocol from collection to reporting to ensure our results are admissible in court.